Dear readers!

This is the site of the writer and historian Murad Adji whom you know by the books on history and culture of the Turkic world and the Great Steppe. His books «Wormwood of the Polovets Field» and «Asia’s Europa» evoked wide response: people were either mocking without reasons or were really delighted. «The Kipchaks» and «The Kipchaks and the Oguz» which followed quickly became a “bibliographical rarity”. Reprint of «Wormwood of the Polovets Field» and «Asia’s Europa» («Europe. The Turki. The Great Steppe») did not satisfy the demand. It was quite the contrary.

Thus a new arouse: to launch a site and allow the readers not able to buy the books to familiarize themselves with their contents. At first extracts from the books will be placed here; later books will be available in full.

The series is opened by the new book by Murad Adji «The Turki and the World: The Secret Story» published in 2004. In his creativity it is like the new peak conquered by him. The highest and the most difficult one. It is likely that not everybody will understand it; it is only for the initiated — for connoisseurs of thoughts and words. The epigraph of this book is for them: “The Sky knows, the Earth knows, you know, I know – who said nobody knows?”