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Adji Murad. Asia’s Europa.
Volume 2. (The Turki and the World: the Secret Story)

So far it is early to discuss this book; the author himself needs time to comprehend it. It is like a blow from the Sky: its chapters are all-sufficient scientific and fiction works. More than one and a half thousand sources were used while working on it, which speaks for itself. The years of the author’s reclusion should be added here too. The same as the fact that the very first lines of the manuscript appeared in Altai, at the bottom of the sacred Uch-Sumer mountain. The book originated there.

After all, one cannot tell what it is about… About the history of three thousand years of Eurasia? About formation of the Turkic culture? Or about the Great Nations Migration? Yes and no. It is about life, belief and the Motherland of the Turki that have forgotten their relatives and their roots.

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